Because ageing is timeless….



        • 100% Grass-fed
        • Antibiotic-free
        • GMO-free
        • Nutrient-dense
        • Aged on the bone
        • Endorsed by top NZ chefs

Tasty, tender meat that’s aged to perfection. That’s exactly the way Grandad liked it. But Grandad also cared for the land – he wanted his farm to be sustainable for generations. Grandad’s Beef stays true to Grandad’s vision. Our beef is raised on small, family farms that use regenerative farming practices. We’re on a mission to improve the health of our animals, our environment, and our waterways. We owe it to future generations. We owe it to Grandad’s legacy.

Become part of the Grandad’s legacy – support Regenerative Agriculture and help us #RegenerateNZ

Regenerative Agriculture

“The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself” Franklin D Roosevelt (U.S President 1933 – 1945) this quotation is taken from a letter written by Roosevelt dated 26th Feb 1937 to the state Governors, urging uniform soil conservation laws…. 2020 what would our soils look like today had we heeded his advice….?

So, what is Regenerative Agriculture?

Wikipedia explains “an approach to farming systems that rejects pesticides, artificial fertilisers and aims to regenerate topsoil, increase biodiversity, improve water cycles, enhance ecosystem services, increase resilience to climate fluctuation and strengthen the health and vitality of farming:

Grandad (aka Cliff Bayliss) explains “it’s simply a common sense approach to farming” It’s the farming system he adopted more than 30 years ago.  It’s working in partnership with nature.  It starts and it ends with the soil.  The soil is the first link in the chain, when you get it right in the soil, everything above rights itself.

You simply cannot have good human health without good soil health.

Better for the Environment – Better for the Animals – Better for You!


Click the image for a direct link to Country TV’s interview with Mark Leishman and Tracey Bayliss (Founder of Grandad’s Beef)