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Because ageing is timeless….



As close to “Home Kill” as you are likely to get. Bringing 100% grass fed, hormone free, premium quality and nutrient rich free range beef from our farm to your door. Traditional farming methods in which the animals are raised means the flavour is infinitely better.  The animals are grass fed and supplemented with hay and silage made on the farm (no GMO corn or maize feed) They are happy and well-treated, and because of this, the meat is more tender, with less by-products.  Continuous analysis of our beef shows high levels of many trace elements.  We are stoked to tell you that Grandad’s beef is rich in Iron and Zinc and Omega 3 and Omega 6 are within the optimum ratio of 1:1.  Results from the heavy metals tested in the soil show that our levels are lower than those required for Organic Farming.  This is all due to the Biological farming practices of Grandads Beef where it all starts with the soil, click on “read more” if you are interested in finding out more about our farming methods transforming to Biological practices.

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Some traditions stand the test of time.  You cannot cut corners if you want quality in the butchery and just like good cheese and wine… meat needs time to age on the bone. We have selected the finest of butchers, who use the traditional method of ageing our meat on the bone for a minimum of two weeks. This practice further improves the flavour and tenderness. This way you get to enjoy meat just like your Grandad did, all the flavour without the “funny” stuff added (that’s aka for no MSG or preservatives).  The most common response from consumers is “that tastes just like beef used to taste”  Try it for yourself, it just tastes better.


Click the image for a direct link to Country TV’s interview with Mark Leishman and Tracey Bayliss (Founder of Grandad’s Beef)