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Business Model

Learn more about our business model and farm accreditation process

To pass on the beautiful gift of Aotearoa UNBROKEN – through to the end of the number…

My daughter was about 4 years old, she was learning about numbers and had plucked 61 out as being a very big number (what! my birthday is 61 years away! Kinda big haha) one night I was tucking her into bed and she asked me “what is the number at the very end of the number?” (I know right, just wait while I go google that honey – jokes, jokes) anyway I told her that there was no end of the number, it just kept going on and on. Then she said to me “I love you to the end of the number” how precious is that!

It is this story that is my driving factor – Grandad’s Beef core value, and my pledge to all our children, and their children’s children’s – through to the end of the number

The Plan

Meat is not the villain. Engineering ourselves away from nature is. Sadly, we are losing many of our small family-owned farms as they are becoming less and less financially viable, however by investing in our meat-boxes, you are helping to shorten the food supply chain and put more money back into the pocket of the farmer, as well as helping to regenerate the environment by choosing to support a cleaner, safer, more nutrient-dense protein option.

Our disconnection from nature is at the root of our dilemma. Only when we understand how real food is produced, and that humans are part of nature, (not in control of it) will we fully be able to move forward in a sustainable way.

We used to say “we are what we eat”, but now we know “we are what we eat, eats too” Just knowing where your meat comes from is no longer enough. Grandad’s Beef farm accreditation gives you the confidence that the meat you are purchasing has been grown in a way that supports the cycle at the very beginning – with healthy soil, producing healthy pasture, producing healthy animals to promote healthy humans and a healthy environment.

Farm Accreditation

Animal Welfare

  • Animals treated with care, free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, disease, fear and distress
  • 100% Grass-fed
  • Limited transport

Soil Health

  • Build Soil Organic Matter
  • Longer Grazing Rotations
  • No GMOs or Gene Editing
  • No Synthetic Inputs
  • Promotes Biodiversity

Bio Diversity

  • Direct and indirect biodiversity risks and opportunities are understood and strategies to maintain or enhance it are established.
  • A mix of microorganisms, plants, and animals on the farm create healthy soils, and resilient natural systems that drastically minimizes chemical intervention to manage pests and disease.


  • Water availability, as well as water quality, is managed responsibly.

Action Environmental Ambition
fund (AA Fund)

Every time you purchase a box from GB, you are helping to put money into the “AA” scheme which helps farmers to complete the environmental improvements they want to make on their farm.

Our farmers are already using farming practices that work with and support nature, however, there are always improvements that we would love to make, sometimes it is a lack of time and or money that can prevent us from achieving these environmental ambitions.

So GB has introduced the self-funding AA scheme – for every animal purchased, money goes into the AA fund for that farm. At the end of the year, the farmer is then able to use that money to “action” the environmental “ambitions” they had for their farm. Which could be fencing off more waterways, planting shade trees, reinstating wetlands, sowing more diverse pastures, or what-ever environmental improvements they wish to complete.