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Karen O’Kell & Wayne Douglas – Valley Farm

We farm a beautiful valley in Warkworth which enjoys a lot of native bush, streams, great soils and plenty of sunlight and rain.  The farm has been managed biologically for 15 years now and it gives so much joy to see the soil food web in good health and soil creatures large and small are found in abundance.  We work on the basis that if we look after the soil it will look after everything else.

We decided to farm this way after looking closely at the standard farming systems which were showing a decline in the health of soil, plants, animals and ultimately ourselves and we decided this wasn’t for us.  So our journey began and when we looked, we found farmers worldwide adopting green methods and changing their focus, from factory style management to caring loving regenerative management, and this just felt right for us.

We are only caretakers passing through this valley and we share it in equal measure with all the other creatures who are also just passing through, cattle, birds, insects, soil flora and fauna and we make big efforts to ensure the things we do only enhance their lives and we do this by planting habitats for them and planting trees and shrubs which feed and shade them. The land we choose not to use for farming we allow to go to wilderness and the bio diversity has exploded as a result.

It’s easy to be kind and thoughtful and there are many many farmers around the world adopting this more rewarding way of life, we’re just one of them.

Valley Farm ‘community focused agriculture – nourished by nature’