Ian & Stacey Beattie – Stannilands Pastoral

We farm at Ruawai on the northern shores of the beautiful Kaipara harbour. We farm using biological philosophies and principles. This holistic approach ensures healthy soils, healthy animals and healthy people.

We are excited to partner with Grandads Beef to supply you the beef you deserve to eat, after all it was my Grandad that instilled in me, a genuine love of the land and a love of our animals. His simple ethos of “If you look after the land, it will look after you” has never had more importance in this era of fully intensified and mass production agriculture.

We farm with an emphasis on healthy environment and healthy soil and ultimately healthy cattle. We often receive comment from dinner guests how good our home kill beef tastes and we only select the best of our best cattle for Grandads Beef because quite frankly if it’s not good enough to go on my plate, its not going to make it to yours.