Only Beef Subscription Box

From $129 – $250 per month

A subscription meat box of Beef.
Big Box | 8-10kg | Good for mid-size families and big freezers
Classic | 4-5kg | Good for individuals or small families.


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What's in the Beef Box? Did you know that less than 10% of a beef carcass is prime steak cuts! We need to get cleverer about using the whole animal so we don’t need to be processing so many.  Distributing the whole animals also means we are able to give you better bang for your buck. Each box comes with a highly curated selection of responsibly farmed, nutrient-dense beef cuts that are GE, hormone, and antibiotic-free. For example, a box might come with top sirloin cuts, short ribs, roast, ground beef and sausages.... To tell you exactly what's coming might ruin the surprise though and nobody likes the person who ruins the surprise! We will put the boxes together to ensure that the whole animal is being distributed. Each month we will change it up a little bit, but don’t worry, we won’t make you kidney if you don’t want too! But those that are a little more adventurous will have the option to add these types of variety meats to their meat-box. So, by signing up for our boxes, you become part of the solution! by reducing the numbers we need to grow and allowing us to respect and utilize the whole animal 😊

Delivery date for all boxes is the 2nd week of the month. Order before the 5th to receive your box in the same calendar month otherwise it will be sent to you the following month.

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