Jeff Graham & Cuiqin Xu’s – Never For Get

My health has made me realise chemicals and farming are not a good mix.  I have been farming biologically for 16 years, during which time, I have owned a dairy goat operation that won several awards for our cheeses in NZ and we did the top productions ever done in NZ.  Using our own compost, I have been able to balance my soils (where good quality food starts) increase production, and grow diverse herbal lay pastures of 12 different types, this is like a salad which my stock love and are much healthier on them.

I have been involved with the environment farming awards, which has put me in contact with other like-minded people, and continue to farm my small farm at Cambridge using biological farming practices.  I raise mostly Canadian speckle park cattle that are known for their good marbling, and from time to time, have various other animals that decide to make their homes on the property (meet Zoey the fallow deer who believes her right of place is the living room and not outside in a paddock!)