Fiona Graham & Family – Pukeatua Peak

Pukeatua Peak is our family farm located on the southern slopes of Maungatautari ecological reserve, in Pukeatua. Pukeatua Peak has been in the family for four generations. A large portion of the farm is covered in native bush that is full of  many native birds, over the years my family has and continues to protect our slice of heaven to make sure it is there for future generations to enjoy.

Currently the farm is being used as a dairy goat farm run by myself with the help of my two children and family. Along with the goats our farm is home to cattle, sheep and horses! on our farm we strive to have healthy happy animals , we believe that this starts with what you feed them, our pastures are fertilized with our own compost that has been made by us on the farm. All of our stock are grazed on lush nutrient rich pastures to ensure they are in optimal condition.