To pass on the beautiful gift of Aotearoa UNBROKEN – through to the end of the number…

My daughter was about 4 years old, she was learning about numbers and had plucked 61 out as being a very big number (what! my birthday is 61 years away! Kinda big haha) one night I was tucking her into bed and she asked me “what is the number at the very end of the number?” (I know right, just wait while I go google that honey – jokes, jokes) anyway I told her that there was no end of the number, it just kept going on and on.  Then she said to me “I love you to the end of the number” how precious is that!

It is this story that is my driving factor – Grandad’s Beef core value, and my pledge to all our children, and their children’s children’s – through to the end of the number


Incent, reward and support the family farms throughout NZ that are using regenerative farming practices that support the environment. Provide a distribution channel for these farms, so their product can be appreciated by consumers.  Give the farmer back their joy in farming and prove that small/medium family farms are still a profitable and viable model.

We know from tests and results from our own farm, that using biological based farming practices and natural fertilizers that improve and support the delicate biological microbes in the soil, produces high nutrient dense meat, high in the beneficial omega’s 3 & 6 at the optimal 1:1 ratio, and the flavour and tenderness, that will blow your mind and delight your taste buds! AND we have healthy animals, land and waterways.

Your help is needed

For our business plan to work, we need you, the consumer, behind us, creating the demand so we can get more farmers on board – the more farmers we can support, the better the environment will be! We simply can’t do it without your support.

Together, we can pass on the beautiful gift of Aotearoa UNBROKEN – through to the end of the number…