Maureen & Cliff Bayliss – Brookdell Estate

Maureen and Cliff have spent their whole life farming.  They married 51 years ago, and have three children, 7 grandchildren and so far, 10 great grandchildren!

They bought Brookdell farm at Te Uku (a 270ha dry stock farm) just outside Raglan, in 1981. They have spent 37 years nourishing the soil, and raising nutrient dense, healthy stock.  Lovers of the bush, and in an effort to support the environment they converted 150ha of land back into regenerate native bush.

The streams and waterways have been tested to show they are pristine clean and good enough to drink! Which is just as well as they have been drinking out of them for the past 37 years 😊

Maureen and Cliff continue to farm for the love of farming – the love of the land and their animals.  Farming like it’s forever….